Red is best

I love black and grey clothes. I have far too many of both and often find myself in these colours. And there is really nothing wrong with it, but I often think “hey wouldn’t wearing something colourful be more fun?” I know my boyfriend would love it if I stopped wearing all black at least once a week. So this red skirt is a good start.

DSC_9858 copy

DSC_9857 copy DSC_9856 copy DSC_9855 copy DSC_9852 copy DSC_9851 copy DSC_9850 copy

How do you feel about colour in your outfits?



2 thoughts on “Red is best”

  1. I’m like you in that I wear black and grey almost every day. I’m also trying to put some color into my outfits, but I’ll always go back to black. The red skirt is awesome 🙂



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