Mixing fabrics

I’ve got to say one of my favourite things to is to mix fabrics and materials. It adds another texture to outfits. Especially in fall when there is so much colour from the changing leaves and the crispness in the air, it’s a perfect time to try it. Here I’ve pair my leather jacket with a tweed skirt and a light blouse, three different textures but they work so well off one another. Leather (vegan or not) is also amazing in the fall and gives a slight cool toughness to all outfits aka can make your skirt look less girly.


IMG_9388 IMG_9387 IMG_9379IMG_9373 IMG_9368 IMG_9361 IMG_9354 IMG_9350IMG_9336 IMG_9327IMG_9308

The skirt is from Aritzia, so is the blouse, the jacket is from Nasty Gal, Photography by Sophie Barkham

How are you going to try mixing fabrics?



Lovely Lea x American Apparel

Happy first day of fall everyone! What better way to celebrate the new season than a flash sale at American Apparel? Answer: nothing. This Friday those lucky Kingstonians out there get to shop the store on Princess street for 20% off from 5 to 8. This is a great time to stock up on amazing fall necessities like fisherman sweaters, denim and leather (real or vegan) skirts, and warm circle scarves. Click here to check out the facebook event for more details! See you Friday!




My favourite accessory for fall

And just like that it seems the winds have changed, and now a cooler air has set over Kingston.  This can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. Nooooooooo!  As you wipe away your tears let me tell you about one of my favourite accessories for autumn to see if that helps heal your wounds.

I recently borrowed (stole) my boyfriend’s gorgeous Filson backpack, and I may never give it back. It’s beautifully made with the nicest materials, and it makes going back to class seem not so terrible.

aka I feel hella fancy carrying it around which makes going to an 8:30 am lecture doable. Fancy > everything, right friends?

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0097 copy DSC_0103 copy DSC_0107 copy DSC_0111 copy DSC_0115 copy DSC_0116 copy

I’ve paired the backpack with a luscious knit turtleneck from Zara and my go to black jeans from American Apparel.

What are you carrying you stuff around in right now?



Inspiration of the week: The 70s

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the 70s are back! Wide-legged trousers, fisherman knits, a-lined skirts, vests, suede, fringe, and peasant blouses are everywhere. Like, everywhere.

I am loving the nostalgia that comes with having an era renewed, and have compiled some photos for inspiration, which I have so graciously shared below!

Scroll through and enjoy your trip through the time warp!



01 Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett

Amy Adams

Song of Style

Emma Watson by Josh Olins for Vogue UK September 2015

Olivia Palermo

Hollie-May Saker, Lily McMenamy, Misha Hart and Sam Rollinson - Alasdair McLellan - September 2014 issue
Hollie-May Saker, Lily McMenamy, Misha Hart and Sam Rollinson – Alasdair McLellan for Vogue September 2014

lara bingle
Lara Bingle

Marie Claire September 2015

Steffy Argelich by Josh Olins for Vogue UK August 2015, Louis Vuitton fall 2015

Vogue UK ♥ September 1969
Vogue UK September 1969

My fear of skirts

You have all probably noticed by now that the item of clothing I wear the least are skirts. And if I’m being honest with you, internet, it is because I am a little afraid of them. With skirts because in such high demand in almost every store, it seemed as if the world was telling me it was time to get over this fear. For some weird reason I have never felt very comfortable in skirts and I’ve never loved how feminine they are. So in my attempts at wearing them, I’ve paired them with my go to sneakers in the hopes of making it less girly.

It’s not that I’m a tomboy, I just have always felt odd in skirts, but no longer! It may be the silliest fear, but I will conquer it!


DSC_0056 DSC_0059 DSC_0064 DSC_0069

The skirt and shoes are from Urban Outfitters, and the top is from Aritzia.

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday,


Sweet Beats: Half Moon Run

If you’re a student here at Queen’s you’ve probably heard that Half Moon Run is coming to The Grad Club in December, and if you’re like me you probably dropped the ball when tickets went on sale and you’re now left here listening to their new single on Youtube instead of live. Sad bear! Here’s their new single “Turn Your Love”. It’s gorgeous! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!



How to do the 70s trend

A trend I am loving for this season is the 70s revival that’s going on. Everywhere you look you see suede, a-line skirts, beautiful blouses, wide-leg trousers, and floppy felt hats. As a history student, I often find that the past has a way of cycling through time which means trends always cycle through. But an easy tip on how to know which trends to try and shop is to look at how it looks on your body and how well it is made. This suede skirt from Zara, for example, is very 70s, but it is made really well with beautiful quality material. More importantly still, I like the way it fits me. It’s a practical skirt that I can see myself wearing for years.

So when you’re shopping trends for this season, look for items that are still flattering to your body. The quality doesn’t always matter if you are not looking for an investment piece. If that’s the case, try something different! Really embrace the trend!










The skirt is Zara, the shirt Forever21, and the jacket is a vintage Lee’s.

Photos done by the amazing Sophie Barkham

Happy Monday!



Last few days of summer

And just like that it seems summer’s over and I’m going back to school. It feels like yesterday I was moving to Vancouver and now I’m back to Kingston to finish my last year at Queen’s University. To say goodbye to summer I found the lightest and most floral frock I could find. Also there’s an old rule that one should not wear white after Labour Day, so naturally I broke it. No one tells me when I can and can’t wear something!

I love the summer because it lets me dress so feminine, which I love, whereas in the fall and winter I find I get much more minimal and I unleash my inner tomboy.

DSC_0630 copy

DSC_0628 copy

DSC_0627 copy

DSC_0624 copy

DSC_0623 copy

DSC_0622 copy

DSC_0618 copy

DSC_0616 copy

DSC_0614 copy

So as I leave summer for my last year of school, I embrace menswear and hang up my summer dresses for another season.



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