Surviving the last heat of the summer



Mexico is hot. That’s probably very obvious, but I mean living it was a different thing than just seeing the weather reports. Mexico is like walking into a sauna. INTENSE heat, WICKED humidity, and a powerful sun combine to create a very sweaty day. I started wearing looser shirts as a way to avoid that horrible sweat-drenched-and-clinging-to-your-body feeling and I would like to say it was successful. While in the Riviera Maya we went to the local city, Playa del Carmen, many times and I was blown away by the colour and vibrancy of the city. The walls are decorous and the merch the vendors were selling was equally as bright. I’m someone who gravitates towards greys and beiges, not so much out of like as comfort, but the city inspired me to be as colourful as I could (proof is found in the images below).

DSC_0308 copyDSC_0314 copy

DSC_0315 copy

DSC_0322 copy

This is only the first of many outfit shots from my trip, and as I look outside and see a gloomy and drastically colder Canada, I realize this was probably the last heat I would feel for the summer. Everyone shed a tear! Cross your fingers for more heat.


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