Little Black Romper

There is nothing quite as lovely as a little black dress, but if you throw a pair of shorts at the bottom of said dress, you remain as lovely but gain a little more mobility. Anyone who knows me knows I cannot sit still. I’m active. I am constantly moving around and I like clothes that do that with me, it just so happens that this clothes are also incredibly cute *yuussss*. Rompers are great, you will never not hear me sing their praises. They’re easy, they’re comfy, and they’re hella cute. It’s also so easy to dress them up or down, and throw a jean jacket on top and you’re set for the summer. This one from Brandy Melville is made with a really light cotton fabric so it breathes like nobodies business which made it perfect for the sauna that was Mexico. I also paired it with heels for a dinner out and it was still as cute. These dress/short hybrids are clearly the way of the future.


DSC_0333 DSC_0335 DSC_0338 DSC_0347

Love you to bits,


Surviving the last heat of the summer



Mexico is hot. That’s probably very obvious, but I mean living it was a different thing than just seeing the weather reports. Mexico is like walking into a sauna. INTENSE heat, WICKED humidity, and a powerful sun combine to create a very sweaty day. I started wearing looser shirts as a way to avoid that horrible sweat-drenched-and-clinging-to-your-body feeling and I would like to say it was successful. While in the Riviera Maya we went to the local city, Playa del Carmen, many times and I was blown away by the colour and vibrancy of the city. The walls are decorous and the merch the vendors were selling was equally as bright. I’m someone who gravitates towards greys and beiges, not so much out of like as comfort, but the city inspired me to be as colourful as I could (proof is found in the images below).

DSC_0308 copyDSC_0314 copy

DSC_0315 copy

DSC_0322 copy

This is only the first of many outfit shots from my trip, and as I look outside and see a gloomy and drastically colder Canada, I realize this was probably the last heat I would feel for the summer. Everyone shed a tear! Cross your fingers for more heat.


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The Importance of Getting Away From it All

This past week I was away on vacation in Mexico and although I was able to find internet I almost completely ignored the world. Oops? I did truly think about you all and wanted to reach out, but at the same time I kind of didn’t want to. I didn’t feel that I needed to. I was on vacation from everything. Except telling my parents each day I was alive.

Icing out the world allowed me to just relax and do my thing, and let me really enjoy myself instead of focusing of social media and constantly posting every aspect of my trip online. I mean, sure, I’ll post some of it now, but during my vacation I just wanted to live it and to share it only with the people who were there with me. I guess in a way I learnt the importance of getting away.

I used to fantasize about running away temporarily, what fun! Spending a long weekend in the country without telling a soul, just to be with me and my thoughts. It’s therapeutic. Being alone with just your thoughts and the beach and the people around you who are also disconnected, it really is a flash from the past. People don’t really do that a lot anymore. I would go out and leave my phone in my room and spend a whole day doing anything and everything and there were no distractions just peace.

I don’t know how long I can last without being plugged in since that is what I am used to, but it definitely makes me want to try spending a few hours or an evening once a week without the internet to just enjoy being in the present.

And so, friends, I challenge you! Try setting aside 2-3 hours every week offline. This has to be on your own time, not during class or work, but when you’re relaxing and being with yourself.

Try it and let me know how it goes!



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